Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stepping Out

First let me start off by saying sorry for the late update, been kind of busy. The last thing I mentioned was being at the beginning of the unknown after finally deciding to leave your current condition. At the beginning o the unknown you actually can start to think to yourself "Is this the right thing to do?”. If you've thought about it and analyzed it then go for it. Fear is the number one cause of many to be unsuccessful. It is the fear of failure and the possibility of feeling as though you've wasted your time that causes many to just remain where they are. Even if you fail you are still better than the individual who wants to do something and yet does nothing. The only fear that is good is the fear of God. So brace yourself, step into the unknown, and expect the unexpected. Until next time...have faith.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The End of the Beginning

Usually in a stating point there are two types of people: complacent and non complacent. The complacent usually stay where they are while those who are unsatisfied get "the itch" and have to do something about the present condition that they are in. Those who chose to remain in their conditions are usually those who are comfortable in their state or are too fearful to move from them (I hope no one is like this). It is a shame to just stay in a unsatisfactory condition simply because of fear and doubt (the fear and doubt that only comes from the past through others that may have put them there or through experiences that we must mentally overcome). For those who do get "the itch" and decides that it’s time to move from here are really taking on a courageous decision. The ambition tells you to go not even realizing what lies ahead and anyone who does decide to leave their position should analyze their situation before leaving. While it’s good to take that big step, it’s knowing when and when not to take it that is even better. I'll use my situation as an example. When deciding whether or not I should immediately go to college upon graduating high school I was introduced into a tempting offer. One of my friends called me up about a coffee warehouse that was looking for people (particularly ages18-25) to hire and was paying $18/hr. Now at the time for a young high school senior I was thinking this is "I can't pass this up" type of money, but I really wanted to go to college and get a degree (a goal that I had already set for myself prior to hearing about that offer). To make a long story short I turned down the offer (after praying about it...prayer is definitely important) and went to college. Good thing I did cause most people I knew (though not everyone I knew) that decided to work instead of go to college wound up going to college anyway which I believe confirmed that I made the right decision.

When you have finally decided to leave your situation (hopefully after much analyzing and preparation) you find yourself standing at the edge of the unknown and the end of the beginning.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Introduction to the Journey

This is my 1st post on here and I'm just giving a rundown on what I'll drop on this blog. The main purpose of this blog is about (what I call) the journey in the unknown. What is the unknown? Well to me I feel that there are three areas most people deal with when trying to reach a goal. 1.the starting point 2.the unknown 3.the end point (which can ironically turn into another starting point, which I'll get into down the line). This journey in the unknown will mostly touch on my time in the unknown and also on others that I know. I hope that many of you will be able to relate to this, as well as encourage you to take the journey if you've ever considered it. So keep checking and feel free to add a comment.